Out to Launch


No girl likes to be late. That kind of thing can land a girl in trouble. But I finally managed to get Chapter One of Kingston Court online.

WordPress, as it turns out, has quirks. One of which is a more or less incompatibility between Google Docs and the WordPress editor. There’s a third party tool that fixes it, but it costs money. So instead I went through and fixed EVERY LINE BREAK BY HAND, after trying about a billion other things, and it took forever. It is 3 AM as I type this.

Chapter 1 is a little long. 4,000 words. And I’m not sure the first sexual encounter is the right one. But it’s the one that the characters wanted. It’s free, it always will be, and you can read it: HERE. Let me know what you think. And if you like it, please do give me a look on Patreon, since I intend to crank chapters out every week.

Okay. I’ll post to Patreon, and then, finally, go to bed.

Sorry for the wait.








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