Spreading Myself


I guess it’s possible you’re discovering me for the first time through this post. If so—Hello, I’m a writer and this is erotica. Well, maybe not this page, but most of the rest will be.

I’m into pretty much everything? But generally my personal kinks fall into the “powerful alpha male does whatever he wants and you fucking love it” category, with the occasional foray into the various orbits around that: cheating, cuckoldry, impregnation, size fetish, cum fetish, etc., etc., etc. If you’re not familiar with sexual subgenres, well, you’ll get the hang of it. I’m extremely unpretentious about the META of writing, so I won’t try to confuse anyone.

I have a long list of sexual interests I rarely/never really write about, for various reasons, including: lesbianism (duh, I am a lesbian), gay/bisexual everything, transgender men and women, demons, anthropomorphic furry (think Jay Naylor, not David Attenborough), inc℮st and pseudoinc℮st (except Reddit fucking loves it), Interracial, Mind Control (big fan, actually), sexual slavery, soft ag℮play, and even soft—soft! very abstract—toilet play. And, uh, some really weird stuff. *cough* Soft Vore, Corruption/Absorption, Infestation/Parasitism, Suggestion/Flexible reality, Mouthcock, Morphic, etc.

Like all girls, I have an intense, slightly shameful love of fanfiction, alternate universe versions of popular franchises and, uh, and several Korean boybands. Oh, shut up. Like you don’t enjoy anything dumb. Anyway, I lived in South and Southeast Asia for several years, I’m allowed.

My only real conceptual and functional limit is CP. If you don’t know what CP is, don’t worry about it. If you do, don’t ask.

If it isn’t listed above, I’m probably more or less neutral to it. Or it’s so bizarre I haven’t even heard of it. Please, please hit the Contact button and tell me of your burning hot erection for nineteenth-century French apostrophe, or whatever. PLEASE DO, THIS IS NOT A JOKE.

Hmm. I wrote more than I expected to. I suppose this will be my “About” page.

I also have a fairly extensive self-introduction on my patreon with some Reddit history and stuff to read, check it out.


Anyway, the actual reason I wrote this page is to explain why this site exists. Originally, I wasn’t planning to bother with a website. I figured I’d put everything up on Patreon. But Patreon wasn’t made for that kind of thing, and I need a little bit more functionality. I’d like to post to a blog a little more often than I’d want to send Patreon messages out, and I need a place to store and present long document files in several formats. Ultimately, I’ll need file hosting as well.

So I need a proper website. Common wisdom would hold that I need to create my own site, instead of piggybacking on WordPress.com, but honestly? I’ve made and maintained a website for school, and I just… don’t want to fuck with it. It’s a lot of work to make a good, secure, multi-platform site, even if all you’re doing is posting stories. I want to spend my time writing, you know?

So I’m spreading from Patreon onto this site. Now I have two places to struggle to keep up to date. Let me know what you think! ❤


PS   OH AND ALSO, the WIP of “My First Time,” or whatever it’ll eventually be called, is a big part of why I wanted to use a different site. It’s too long for Reddit already. It’s about 20 pages long so far, which is 8,000ish words. Quite a bit longer than I intended. If it’s going to end up taking more than another week, I’ll post another WIP on Patreon with my progress. But my hope is to be done soon so I can put out more content. ❤

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