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Here’s where I’ll be linking to books on Amazon. These are, of course, affiliate links, which don’t affect your price (i.e., it’s free!), but do cause Amazon to share some of their profits with me (i.e., I get paid!).

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My Books

There aren’t a lot of these yet. But there will be! You can download my books for free if join my Patreon as a Coffee Buyer or higher. Join now, beat the rush!

Taking Him At School: A Bisexual College Romance

This is easily my worst stand-alone story. I disavow it utterly, and I demand that you also read one of my better stories if you’re planning to get this book.

Taking Him At School is about a giant, well-hung Quarterback who gets cucked and then fucked in the ass by his younger, better-looking, even better-hung rival. That’s… basically it. No frills, not a lot of context, barely longer than a short story, just two gorgeous sacks of meat fucking like bunnies. I wrote it for myself, quickly, and with no real intention of publishing. But then I did. Under a pseudonym. It has no reviews. :/

Additional Books Coming Soon!

Good Books (I Didn’t Write)

61Dsjh4JgdLKellan: A Bad Boy Military MMA Romance

Angsty, arrogant Bad Boys with big dicks and muscles are kind of my thing. If they can fight, even better. And that’s what this book is about. Underground MMA fighter Kellan fucks the screaming bejeezus out of pretty young Journalist Parker Jones, but only after some bickering and feels.

It’s well written, hot, and comes bundled with extra books, also by the excellent Sienna Valentine.

More Soon!

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