(Untitled) (Gay) Teacher/Student Couch Story

Note: This was an early attempt to write the story of losing my virginity, except from a male perspective. I’m currently writing a (slightly dramatized) version of the actual story. I’ll link it here when I’m done. 


I sat back on the couch—not exactly posing—in my black zip-up hoodie and too-tight button-up Levis. But I knew how well everything fit, and when I hung my legs over the arm of the couch, it was so he could see between them.

“Comfortable?” he laughed.

I yanked him next to me by his belt, and lay the back of my head on his shoulder.

“Am now,” I said.

He shifted and I knew, without looking, that he was getting hard.

He put his hand on my chest.


I tugged the zipper down on my hoodie, pulled my shirt up over my abs. He raised his eyebrows.

“Like?” I asked.

He nodded.

I grinned, nodding back, and pealed my shirt all the way off. It landed with my hoodie in a heap.

I sat back on the couch, using his shoulder as a pillow.


“I’m almost afraid to ask, but… are we going to fuck?” He looked me straight in the eye. His dick, against his thigh in his long, black slacks, throbbed visibly.

I shrugged. “Is that something you want?”

“Yes,” he said, swallowing. “Very much.”

“Are you a bottom?” I asked.

He shook his head.

I shrugged again. “Neither am I,” I said.

But I sat down on his lap—just past the ridge of his cock, so we weren’t dry humping—and lay my arms on his shoulders. Looked into his eyes.

“Sorry,” I whispered.

He kissed me.

Took you long enough, I thought, as he stretched up and pressed his lips into mine.

I let him have one second, then lifted off, baited him a few times, and sucked on one of his lips.

He groaned.

“I could suck your cock,” he suggested.

“You will,” I said. I kissed him again.

He reached for my zipper, but I put his hands on my ass. The jeans hug my ass like a layer of paint, and I was tense anyway, so he got the full experience—the big dimples, the perky muscle, everything.

“I thought…”

“I’m going to fuck you,” I interrupted, “up your ass, with my thick, half-black dick. I’m going to make you cum all over your bed, everywhere. I’m going to cum inside you—and I cum a lot, Conner—and then, yes, you can suck my dick.”

He stared, eyes wide. But he was breathing a lot faster now.

Slowly, he shook his head. “I can’t…” he said.

I unbuttoned my jeans. My cock smacked out and slapped him in the chin.

His eyebrows rose.

“Woah, woah, woah,” he said. “You’re… huge. There’s no way you could get that inside me.”

I laughed. Kissed him.

I love the way they always react to it.

“I’m good at this,” I said. I swung my dick out of reach before he could touch it with his lips. Pressing it against his stomach—and getting precum all over his shirt—I continued to kiss him. “And I know how get you off with my dick, believe me.”

“I believe you,” he breathed. “But…”

“Take me to your bedroom,” I said. I flexed my dick so it thumped a little against his body. I hadn’t even touched his cock yet.

He made a small, uncertain noise. Opened his mouth.

I took his chin. Licked his mouth—something no one does, but everyone loves.

“Take me,” I told him, looking sharply into his eyes, “to your fucking bedroom, Conner.”

Slowly, he nodded.

I slid off his lap, and he stood. His erection was very obvious.

“It’s down the hall,” he said, walking.

I kicked my shoes off, slid out of my jeans, and followed him with a smirk.

God, I love topping a top.


His bed was big, white, and bouncy. I shoved him down and got back on his lap.

“Are you sure I couldn’t-” he said, reaching for my erect prick, as thick as his forearm.

“I’m sure you can,” I said, “and will. Just not yet.”

I slid a pillow around.


My balls came to rest against his. I smiled at myself in the mirror.


“You see?” I asked him. “You’re taking me like a champ.”

He groaned, half in pain, half in arousal. His dick was swollen, almost purple. He would cum very soon, and it needed to come—ha ha—without his touching himself. Entirely from my fucking his ass.

It’s important to me.

I bucked and he yowled.

Yeah,” I growled. “Good boy.”

I took his hips and ground my cock  in a circle, as if I were stubbing out a massive, dripping cigarette deep inside his body.

He made a low, animal groan from deep in his stomach.

I pulled three inches out—he took a deep breath of relief—and pushed it slowly back.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhh,” he  said, all the way in. Like the first word of oh god, as deep as a fucking ocean.

I pulled back again, four inches. The length of his excited prick.

Again he sighed, and when I pushed back home, he Ohhhed for me, as if I were slowly cutting him in half.

Which I was, kind of.

“You’re close,” I told him, unable to keep the triumph out of my voice.

He looked at me in the mirror. His face was red, his eyes were red, his mouth was drooling.

A surprising tickle of sensational pleasure nearly made me cum. Instead I just let out a sound that was half moan, half teenage laughter.

I pulled out half and inch and slammed my dick back against his sphincter as hard as I could.

His breath caught in his throat.

His stomach flexed, and the opening gasp of a scream formed on his lips, but came out silently, his body shaking, his fingers digging into the mattress so violently he pulled the sheet off.

I did it again. A quarter inch out, but slamming it back with all my might.

Gasp of breath.

I did it again.

Gasp of breath. He shook as if he were so full he might explode…

…and then he did.

Gotcha, I thought, and I did, finally, laugh, pulling out my full 9 inches and shoving back in as quickly as I needed to, as fast as I needed it.

His cock pumped half a cum of thick, syrupy cum all over the bed. It went everywhere, so hard it hissed like a hearty piss, and his balls contracted way up against his little shaft like bumps on a log.

I reached down and got a fingerful. Licked it. Not great, but not the worst cum I’d ever tasted.

I reached down and roughly, even violently jerked him off.

He screamed. He’d been screaming, silently, for the better part of thirty seconds, but when I grabbed his sensitive dick all the noise came out at once.

“Oh God,” he screamed, hitting the ‘God’ each time I hit his insides, “Oh God…Oh God…Oh God…”

I reached around with my other hand and—at first gently, then roughly—squeezed his balls in a fist.

Within seconds, he was cumming again, drool just falling out of his mouth, his legs locked as it happened in a big wave.

Yes,” I growled, feeding on his total submission, “Yessss…. Yessss….” As if I were drawing his soul up into myself through my dick.

It was my favorite part.

When he collapsed, I came, and I came hard, so hard I blacked out for a second, and put half a quart or so of fresh, boiling semen so deep up his ass that when I pulled out, it didn’t make a mess.

“Suck me,” I said, simply.

He opened his mouth with a pop, and I slid my cock inside.

He suckled, weak and relaxed, hands on my hips.

“Good and hard,” I insisted, as I lay back against his headboard, crossed my arms behind my head, and enjoyed his mouth.

“Told you I was a top,” I added, as my cock slipped down his throat.

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