My Notebook

Here’s where I put things like Reddit Prompts, Unfinished Stories, Random Ideas, and so on. They’re not finished, and they’re not necessarily all that good. This is my notebook, after all. Scribbles and ideas. But. But! Anything on this page might be developed into a full story, or even a regular serial.

Reddit Prompts: /r/dirtypenpals

The Sleepover: My Best Friend’s Dad

My dad wants me to hear him fucking women. And I’m pretty sure I’m next.

Fucking Your Hot Little Sister

My best friend jerked off her boyfriend in front of me last week, and I can’t stop thinking about him

Beauty and the Beast, But I want the BEAST.

Be the Doctor or Nurse who cures my depression with orgasm after orgasm (weird)

I want to be CONQUERED by the BIGGEST, BADDEST, HORNIEST guy at school, shamed for my HUGE TITS, my GINGER hair and skin, and fucked in HIS BED, surrounded by the PANTIES, HEELS, PIERCINGS and other TROPHIES he’s collected from his DOZENS OF OTHER CONQUESTS.

Fucking the DYKE out of your SISTER

You were my cocky little brother, but you’ve always been the man of the family, totally in control of our mother and me. But I never expected to come home and find you fucking the toe-pointing SHIT out of her on the bed she shared with dad…

You’re my ex-boyfriend. I never got over your dick. You never got over my pussy.

Fucking my son’s big-dicked bully

(Untitled) Size Fetish Prompt

Son Takes Over

College boy fucks my big-titted mom… then me.

I found out my brother has a fucking ENORMOUS dick

The God of Eating Pussy

Unfinished Story Segments

Fucking My Boss

Fucking My Boss (Ver 2)

Over His Knee (ver 1)

Over His Knee (ver 2)

Broken By Design

(Untitled) Size-Fetish Story Introduction

(Untitled) (Gay) Teacher/Student Couch Story

(Untitled) Ex Boyfriend Story

The Cheerleader: Taking Her At School


(Untitled) Girl In Heels With Friend

(Untitled) Older Man Impregnation Fantasy

Undeveloped Serial Ideas

Kingdom Cum

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