My Stories

Here is a (growing) list complete but unpublished stories!

As I publish them, I’ll move them over to My Books and exchange the full-length story for an excerpt. Patreon supporters of $5 and up will, of course, have access to the entire text for free.

More Stories Coming Soon!


The Senior: Taking Her At School

I wrote this in High School and published it under a pseudonym a couple years later on a whim. It did pretty well, until Amazon flagged it as Adult Only and I took it down.

It’s the story of a flawless young athlete fucking the absolute shit out of a gorgeous young art teacher. I have achieved orgasm many times while reading this story.


Glare: Coming to Submit

I write this in High School too, and published it a week before The Senior. It didn’t do as well as The Senior, but it also doesn’t have a Hot Shirtless Guy on the cover.

Glare is the story of a secretary whose billionaire boss (remember when that was a thing?) spanks and fucks her in his office. It has kind of an evil, mind fuck element that’s hard to explain. I have issues with male authority figures.

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