(Unfinished) Choker

Note: I think I’d seen a comic on Reddit about mind control collars and wanted to write my own version of it? I love collars.


The choker was a silver loop of polished metal, and it closed over my neck with a click.

“It’s heavy,” I said. And tight.

Carmella nodded. “It’ll get pretty warm, too, but you’ll get used to it.” She tapped the silver band around her own neck and smiled. “You’ll even like it,” she said.

I took a breath and shook my head. “If this thing helps me feel half as good as you look …”

She laughed. “It will,” she said. “Trust me.”

I looked in the mirrored side of her fridge and sighed. It looked surprisingly normal. A little too tall, maybe, and impossible to hide, short of a turtle-neck. But the tribal pattern matched my shirt, and there was something sexy about it. It was the kind of thing a ‘Sexy Girl’ would wear. Which made me feel kind of sexy.

“I’ll try it out,” I said. I went back to my wine. I wasn’t a wine kind of girl, but it was nice to pretend. Carmella licked the inside of her glass with a pink tongue and refilled us both.

“Your husband is going to go nuts,” she said. “Men love chokers. It reminds them of a collar, and no man can resist a woman on a leash.” She laughed.

I laughed along with her. She’d always been such a meek girl. The change was amazing.

“My husband doesn’t want me on a leash,” I said. “He wants me to be more of a…” I struggled.

“Slut?” she asked.

I threw a napkin at her. “You’re so bad,” I laughed. “No, he wants me to be more of a… a risk taker.”

Carmella wrapped her hand around mine, squeezing it onto my glass. She pulled the glass to her mouth and drank the rest of my wine, giving me a smirk.

“He wants you to be wild,” she said. “He wants you to be more of an animal, and he still wants to stay in charge,” she said. She licked my glass. Her tongue was uncomfortably long. “He wants a wild animal to be under his control. Now what could you put on your neck that would feed his desires?”

She grinned at me. She looked a little feral, like she wanted to eat me. Or kiss me.

“Well,” I said. “I’m not wearing it to look wild. I’m wearing it because someone promised me more energy.”

“You’ll feel like an Olympic medalist by dinner time,” she said.

I looked at the clock on her microwave. It was two in the afternoon.

“You’re a nut,” I said, laughing. “I should take this thing off and forget I even asked.”

“I swear,” she said. “Nothing changed in my life other than the choker. It gave me the energy I needed to be…” she shrugged. Waved at herself. “Me,” she said. She poured wine to the brim of her glass, and sipped at it.

I swallowed. The choker clung to me as I did, like a soft hand. The tightness was a little reassuring, like a seatbelt.

“Well,” I said. “I feel pretty much the same.”

She refilled my glass.


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