Serial: Kingdom Cum

Note: On my hard drive, this was in a file called “letting off some steam.” I’m sure I’m not the first person to think of the joke “Kingdom Cum,” but it still made me laugh.

Amber is a teenaged bitch. But in the town of Kingdom, bitches are spanked into women. Can her fiancé convince her to submit? 

Amber is a bitch, and she’s always been trouble. She’s skinny and sexy and young—and she knows it! And she doesn’t submit to anyone. Not even her alpha male fiancé.

She’d be perfect… if only she weren’t such a bitch.

Charles is an old fashioned man, dominant and sexual. Raised on a farm, taught to be strong, he wants his woman to be worthy of him—and his money. And deep in his heart, he knows Amber is all he’s ever wanted. But while she gladly submits to him in bed, her respect doesn’t get past the sheets, and he’s tired of waiting for her to grow up and obey.

Amber doesn’t know it, but this is her last chance.

Enter Kingdom. Kingdom is a very special place, a town founded by powerful men who want to roll back the clock to when women were submissive and chaste. There are no rights in Kingdom—merely strengths and the strong. The women are beautiful, and they all know their place… mostly.

Within minutes of arriving, Amber watches in horror as a man spanks his wife in the open, right in front of her, for running across the street without looking. He flips up her dress and pounds at her sensitive thighs until she begs for forgiveness. And then carefully looks down the street before crossing.

Amber is shocked, but aroused. The woman was so vulnerable, so powerless, and the man so firm and so fatherly. His wife was so grateful and timid… and the man walked away with a snake in his trousers.

Would she be like that? Could she?

But Charles wants more than mere obedience. He wants to change who she is for the better.

And he’s not taking “no” for an answer…

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