Prompt: My cocky little brother is the man of the family

Original Title: You were my cocky little brother, but you’ve always been the man of the family, totally in control of our mother and me. But I never expected to come home and find you fucking the toe-pointing SHIT out of her on the bed she shared with dad…

You were always pretty dominant, even when we were kids. You’d take food away from mom and me — “that’s enough, Mom,” even back in elementary school, and put it on your plate. Then you’d work it off after dinner in the basement lifting weights.

More than once you ripped up a dress of mine you thought was “too slutty,” even though I was four years older than you and you were in middle school. Once, when I defied you, you tossed me over you knee, pulled my panties down in front of the whole family, and spanked me until I couldn’t walk well enough to go on my date. And you were barely fifteen.

But you were much harder on mom. You bought her clothes for her — much “sluttier” than anything you let me wear — and decided what bath products she would use, what perfume. You even, much to my surprise, selected her very expensive silk panties and garters, which she wore every day. You kept her exercising like a coked-up bunny, jogging her every day and making her squat until she her was as hard as a bowling ball. I know, you made me squeeze it. You got her belly button pierced when you were sixteen years old, and made dad pay for a diamond twice the size of his engagement ring to fill it.

If Dad objected or said you were taking too much control, you stared him down until he apologized. If I objected, you doubled my exercises (even worse than mom’s) or spanked me until I cried at the dinner table.

You rarely let me date. Only your friends. And if they were stupid enough to kiss me, they’d show up at school the next day with black eyes and a limp. It got to the point where, like mom, I just stayed at home and watched you lift weights.

I didn’t say much when you moved into the master bedroom. It was strange seeing my mother sleep in a room as small as mine, though. Stranger still to see dad on his cot in the pool house.

Even as crazy as all that seemed, it never occurred to me that you were fucking mom. You were clearly fucking someone — I did your laundry and there was fresh pussy all over your clothes on a daily basis — but you never let me know. Sometimes you would take mom up to your bedroom after dinner and dad I did the dishes silently as you spanked her firmly, for hours, until she screamed… but…

It seems crazy now, even obvious. But even though you were a head taller than dad, you just seemed too young to be balls deep in our mother whenever we turned our heads. And why wouldn’t you have touched me? I was basically her twin.

But when I came home from college early — still a virgin, still jogging 20 miles a day, and still oiling myself up with that stuff you picked out for me before I left — I found you nailing mom to her and dad’s king-sized mattress with your very, veryking sized cock. Balls like fists bouncing off her ass, and her still-tight breasts bouncing on her chest as you rode her.

Her belly was as tight as mine, the big diamond piercing still there, although I noticed as I was staggering back and gasping that she had a much larger and older piercing through her clit, this one with your initials in the middle.

“Oh, Amy, hi,” you said, slowing down just a little, carefully stuffing mom’s mouth with her own panties so I could hear you. “You’re home early. But that’s okay, we’ve decided it’s time for you to lose your cherry, Amy, so you’ll be sleeping in here from now on.”

“That’s… that’s our mom!” I choked, watching mom’s pupils roll back into her head as you big bat-like dick slammed her cervix up into her throat.

“Oh, don’t worry,” you said, “I know you’ve become kind of a dyke at school.” You smiled at me and I blushed. How do you always know everything? “You’ll be eating mom’s pussy very, very soon Amy, I promise. I know you’ve fantasized about that since you were six.”

And that’s where I want to start.

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