Prompt: Be the Doctor or Nurse who cures my depression with orgasm after orgasm (weird)

I guess I’m trying to recreate something that happened my freshman year.

My grades were slipping. I’d go to class, then come home, do my homework, masturbate here on DPP, and sleep. Once every other day I would buy a bottle of green juice and 4 grams of Banana Kush.

I’d dropped from 132 pounds at the start of the year to 115.

That might sound pretty good, but I’m 5’11 with very full D-cups. I was just starting to get “eat a sandwich” comments from the guys who hit on me — and like any college blonde with big tits and visible abs, I got comments 24/7.

I bought myself a Hitachi Magic Wand and replaced my showerhead with a high-pressure Waterpik.

The thing was, I was masturbating several times a day but I couldn’t cum. My body just wouldn’t let the orgasm go. I’d open pornhub on my iPad and search for female friendly lesbian porn, and videos of young guys jerking off, and I’d grind my pussy in frustration until a tiny gasp of pleasure bubbled out of me and it was over.

No release. No enjoyment.

I even had a one night stand. The guy ate me for 2 minutes twenty-four seconds — “wow, you’re a real blonde, huh?” — and came pretty much the moment he was inside me. He apologized, fell asleep, and I woke up three hours later as he penetrated and instantly came a second time.

This time he called me a “freak bitch,” with a “tiny, jet engine pussy” and left, red faced and ashamed.

It took 3 hours of Hitachi time and two joints before I fell asleep again.

Finally, before I just threw myself into traffic or something, I went to see a psychiatrist.

My mom — yes, my mom — gave me the name of the guy to see. Said he’d helped her through the hardest time in her life, and that I needed his help.

He was an older man, close to 40, with startlingly penetrating eyes and forearms like a diagram of human muscle. He had thick dark hair, a permanent black stubble, and a wide, almost evil-looking mouth. He reminded me of a Disney Villain.

I’ll spare you the interview stuff. He decided I needed “sexual therapy,” just like my mother.

This consisted of taking my clothes off and laying in stirrups. He cleaned his hands very thoroughly and warmed them up as he explained what would happen. A nurse stood by in the background, very officially, with a clipboard.

He slipped his index finger between my labia and put pressure on my pussy.

“Tell me about your best sexual experience,” he said, looking straight into my eyes.

There really was something about his eyes.

I told him about a slumber party where I’d rubbed pussies with my best friend until my whole body felt like it was covered in ice. My friend then yanked my panties off — we were in PJs — and shoved her tongue inside me and I all the ice cracked and I screamed and came and pissed and shuddered and my eyes rolled back into my head.

“Ah,” he said, “you’re a lesbian.”

Telling him this had made me wet. His finger slipped inside me.

“That was the only time I’ve ever been with a woman,” I admitted. His finger was huge. Longer and thicker than the dick of my one night stand. “I prefer men.”

The doctor snorted. “You will,” he said. “But for right now, you — like your mother — fantasize about women. Isn’t that right?”

I clenched hearing about my mother. His finger made that… a very sexual experience.

“I watch lesbian porn,” I said.

His finger moved a little, in and out. A tiny wave of pleasure moved up my body.

“You find the vagina very appealing, don’t you? And you always have.”

I nodded.

Speak,” he demanded. His villain eyes flared.

“V-very appealing, yes,” I stuttered.

“Did you know you’ve been staring at my nurse on and off since we started?”

I blushed so hard it hurt my face. My pussy spasmed. His finger began to move very sharply in and out my gripping feminine mouth.

“No I haven’t,” I lied. His nurse was a very beautiful, very tall brunette with dark, almost gothic makeup.

“She’s been on this very table,” he said, “having this very therapy. Many times.”

I blushed even darker, unable to say anything.

“The doctor is very skilled,” the nurse said. “He will make you cum even harder than your mother did.”

I let out a horrified sound that became a gasp of pleasure within seconds. The doctor had slipped a second finger into my pussy, and his other hand was moving around between my legs.

“You find your mother very attractive, don’t you?” he asked.

I groaned.

“So do I,” he said. “The women in your family are exceptional. You are small, pretty, and submissive, just as women should be.”

“This can’t be… legal,” I said, but my legs spread so I didn’t need the stirrups. The nurse folded them away and my legs stayed apart, revealing everything to the handsome doctor. For the first time, I noticed that his crotch was under enormous, even obscene strain as what was obviously a very large penis filled and stiffened.

He slipped a third finger into my pussy.

“Do you want me to stop, Amy?”

I shook my head.

Speak,” he demanded.

“God, no…” I sighed. His thumb was pushing on my asshole. I couldn’t believe how good his hands felt.

“Nurse?” he asked.

The nurse unzipped his pants, releasing his penis.

It was comically enormous, uncut, and ugly with veins. Two engorged, lemon-sized testicles flopped out and landed on the examination bed with a thud.

“Oh no…” I said, involuntarily.

“It’s quite large, yes,” the doctor said. “And quite a bit more masculine than anything you have experience with. But no other instrument is as sensitive as a man’s erection, and no other erection in perhaps the world is quite so well trained to treat your needs. Nurse?”

The nurse took my hand and placed it on his evil-looking manhood. It was burning hot, and thundered with blood. My pussy dampened significantly.

“There, you see?” he said, smiling his comic, bad guy smile. “Your pussy responds because it knows what you want more than you do.”

The nurse moved my hand around on his cock, cupping the huge apple head, peeling back the thick, snake-like foreskin, and hefting and squeezing the enormous, slightly furry balls. Only when I handed his balls did he let out a small, and immediately covered, sigh of pleasure.

“Nurse, insert me into the young woman’s vagina.”

She stood behind him and guided his penis up to my body.

“Doctor, it’s never going to-”

“Push, Nurse.”

She carefully tugged back his foreskin, revealing a purple-blue head and a massive, marble-sized slit I could put my pinky into. It was many times thicker than my pussy.

The Nurse kissed my pussy with his massive cockhead and wiggled it just enough that the copious juices from my very relaxed and extremely pliable birthing canal allowed his huge member inside.

“Kiss the young lady,” he told the nurse, just as the discomfort was building to the point where I might scream.

The pretty young nurse—who had eyes similar to his, I realized—kissed me, an enormous pink tongue slipping into my mouth and her sharp nails exploring my breasts and marking them.

“Oh yes I think I can feel the problem now,” the doctor said. “You’re far, far too tense.”

The nurse retreated behind the doctor and began, gently, to massage his enormous testicles.

It was at this point that I realized he wasn’t wearing protection.

He laughed. “This is my most sensitive tool, young lady. I wouldn’t be able to do this if it were covered.” At the word “this” he moved just so and I let out a scream of pleasure for the first time since the slumber party. My nipples stiffened. My skin prickled.

“Like your mother, you’ll need many hours of treatment before you will recover,” he said, smiling. He was fucking me in earnest now, his muscular thighs swiftly flicking his massive erection into my body. From very far away, an orgasm built like a tropical storm. “Three times a week at least, but we’ll probably increase that to every day before the end. And you’ll need to see the Nurse on her own at least once every week.”

“Three times, Doctor,” the nurse insisted. “Maybe more if necessary.”

The doctor smirked. “Yes, she is a very excellent patient,” he sighed.

“We can treat one another,” the nurse said. “You haven’t treated me in almost two weeks.”

“Your mother has been taking all my time at home, darling,” the doctor said.

“I want this one,” the nurse whispered.

“We’ll all have her, I promise, baby girl,” he responded, quietly. “Many times, like her mother.”

I started to scream involuntarily as the orgasm — part horror, part astonishing pleasure, part anticipation — finally crashed all over me.

“Her Vagina grips as powerfully as her mother’s,” the doctor chuckled, then sighed repeatedly, then grunted rhythmically, thrusting hard against what by then was a very battered cervix. Pulsing warmth filled me and I came again, half in terror at having a man’s obviously potent seed inside me.

“Don’t worry, young lady,” he said, as the last few explosions of semen made my small pussy look and feel like a cream doughnut, “My daught-nurse will clean you very, very thoroughly before you leave. It’s her favorite part of nursing, and she’ll get every single wriggling soldier, won’t she?”

The nurse clapped in delight. “Yes, and she will cum a dozen more times before it’s over.”

He withdrew his still-hard manhood and his nurse carefully sucked it clean. Then she turned, put her hands on my ass, lifted me like a bowl and…

Her long tongue was, indeed, very thorough. She spent two hours polishing my insides with her tongue, and I came twenty, maybe thirty more times. This was the “real treatment” as far as I was concerned, the doctor having been nothing but a warmup.

And payment.


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