(Unfinished) (Untitled) Older Man Impregnation Fantasy

Note: My enthusiasm for this particular fantasy, which was going to be about an older, extremely wealthy man cuckolding a young employee and impregnating his wife, dampened significantly after the 2016 US election.


The older man’s penis was short but alarmingly thick, with two large egg-like testicles heavy beneath it. They were very smooth and swollen-looking, far more… fertile than anything she’d seen before. He stroked them lovingly, and she tensed with fear as she imagined how many sperm would rush into her unprotected womb if she let him fuck her. It was impossible to imagine getting through the night without becoming pregnant.

He nodded. “You’re right to be afraid,” he said, simply. “This is your last night as a childless woman.”

Then, without another word, he sank his cock into her pussy all at once.

She bit her lip against an overwhelming groan of pain as he forced her pussy lips apart, much thicker than she could stand, but too forceful to stop.

“Oh God,” she whimpered, as the fat little head of his cock came to rest against her cervix, “please give me time to adjust.”

“Oh no, little girl,” he said, shaking his head. He pushed on relentlessly, stabbing the center of her cervix with his penis to bring tears to her eyes.

“I’m going to hurt your womb,” he said, “to bruise it with my cock, to soften it up for my seed.” He ground into her with his hips. The pain was severe, but there was pleasure behind it, and she gasped. “I’m going to force you open and pack your empty little belly-” here he smacked her round stomach with a hard, quick hand, “with my sperm.”

She felt something painful inside herself start to weaken and shift as he pushed, putting all his weight on the cock against the agonizing surface of her cervix.

“I’ve fathered literally dozens of children on this very table, little girl, but none in a body a big as yours…” he groaned when he said ‘big.’ He lay on her stomach, which pressed into the hard muscular wall of his hair-covered abdomen a little like a beach ball of flesh. Not soft, but very full and hard. Her skin was tight around the overfed curves of her, and he seemed to derive incredible pleasure from pressing himself onto her.

She felt the heavy testicular sack rest against her ass as he stood over her, looking down at her big, smooth stomach.

He nodded,/////

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