Prompt: I want to be CONQUERED by the BIGGEST, BADDEST, HORNIEST guy at school

Original Title: I want to be CONQUERED by the BIGGEST, BADDEST, HORNIEST guy at school, shamed for my HUGE TITS, my GINGER hair and skin, and fucked in HIS BED, surrounded by the PANTIES, HEELS, PIERCINGS and other TROPHIES he’s collected from his DOZENS OF OTHER CONQUESTS.

Let’s talk about me.

I’m flame-orange ginger, with the white skin of a vase and freckles all over. I’m hot—I can admit that—but I’m a redhead. And that means a lot of people hate me. Or even fear me. Redheads can steal husbands. Redheads can be addictive. Redheads are sluts, and we enjoy dick more than she should.

I don’t want to pretend anymore. I’ve kept it bottled up, but I am a slut. I do love cock. And while I’ve stopped myself from giving my pussy away (yes, I’m that rarest of pearls, a hot, redheaded virgin… as long as you don’t count other women), I’m tired of resisting. I want to get fucked. Really just ruined. By a man. Preferably one who feels dirty when he’s inside me. You know if you’re that man.

If it helps, and I know it does, I have pretty enormous tits. Par for the course for a ginger, I know, but I also have nipples you’d expect from a mother, but like I said I’m a virgin. They probably grew from, uh, experimentation with very… oral women? But who cares. They’re sensitive and the size of the nipple on a baby bottle. They’re blue-veined (sorry) and heavy, and they’d smother the biggest cock in a heavy, slick mouth of fat tit flesh, just under my pretty lips where I could suck on your cockhead, or just over you tight stomach—gingers prefer vibrators to sex, remember—and absurdly long longs.

But the thing you’ll really want to know is that my pussy is small, completely fresh, bright bubblegum pink, and as wet as a mouth full of candy. And if you’re a really bad boy, the asshole underneath it as even smaller, even pinker, and in the center of a tight, even muscular rave-bunny ass that will make you forget about all the fat, ugly “ghetto booties” that are so popular these days, because they’re so much easier to find.

I’m smart. I’ve got a think for being spanked. I’ve got a thing for inked up bad boys and clean cut bad boys. I wear heels in the fucking SNOW, because—fuck it—because I love watching a man out with his ugly brunette girlfriend or his fat blonde wife just fucking stare at me, at my legs, as I walked past him. I love watching a man’s heart breakwhen he realizes what he wants… and what he has.

And I’ve been doing that to men since I was so young you’d be sickened. But you knew that, right?

Now you. You’re big. Your dick is big. For my sake, let’s say it’s the thicker than the thickest cock you’ve ever imagined having. Thick enough to scare women. Thick enough to hurt women. And your balls? For my sake, let’s say they’re heavy. As in dense. As in they hang down like little anvils and they’re so full of sperm you could knock up a whale with twins. Your cum is chewable, you’re such a fucking man.

But I’m not looking to be drooled on by some desperate man-child.

You’re cool. You’re calm. You’re happy to let me watch your big dick squirm in your jeans like a restless animal and then just pull it out and sit it on your thigh like a promise and a threat. I can hear your sign of relief as your balls spill out and thump on the chair, finally free.

You show me your trophies. You brag, in a sense, about the women you’ve had. The wombs you’ve filled. The marriages you’ve saved… and ended. I breathe harder as you tell me about fucking your grade school teacher over her desk after class. About throwing her husband out of the bedroom as you defiled his redheaded wife. About your… thing. Your hate and your hunger… for women like me.

I want to feel like it’s inevitable that you’ll throw me up on your dick and then I want you to fucking split me in half with your dick on a bed littered with trophies. Cheerleader tongue rings. Fuck me pumps as red as my blush. A few wedding rings. And a hundred pairs of tiny, lacy panties.

I want you to spank me for holding out on you. And then I want you to tell me how much you hate ginger women as you fuck me into pieces. As you break your fucking bed.

I want you to make me clean your dick and balls afterwards with my tongue so you can parade me around the frat house, your huge package out in the open, showing off your hottest bitch yet.

Then I want you to take me in front of them, and leave me full of your cum on the living room floor to be a sponge for the whole house’s cum.

I’m willing to go pretty far. And I’m willing to ageplay. Whatever it takes. Just be bad, and calm, and big, and horny.

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