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Endless Stories.   Endless Sex.

These are ongoing, fictional stories that revolve around sex. Think of them as soap operas, except the dark secrets are all about fucking. (And the evil twins are getting it on.)

All stories are updated on Friday, and are Exclusive Content for Patrons Only. (After the first five chapters.)


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BOOK ONE: Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3

Incest, size, cheating, cuck, mind control, mdom, fdom, and many, many more…

Jacob Kingston has a big, big dick. It’s kind of a pain in the ass. Literally, if his sexy teacher Madison gets her way. But Jacob only has eyes for his big sister Emily. He’s ashamed, but he’s also in love. Unfortunately… so is their little sister Ashley.
Meanwhile, Jeffery Kingston has his own sexual problems. He’s very, very average, and his above-average wife is getting bored. Does he have something to fear from her well-hung ex? Or his own, horse-dicked son? (Spoiler: Yes. Yes he does.)
Follow the Kingstons as they stumble through everyday life on Kingston Court, the incredibly normal cul-du-sac where they live incredibly abnormal lives. Because there’s more to Jacob than his great big dick, and more to his sisters than anyone could imagine…

Others Coming Soon!

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